some questions on chronos

Motasem Zakarneh 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1


so, i do have few questions about chronos, i looked at it, and i was very interested by it
first, is there, any chance, it will have a discount anytime soon(with BlackfridayxNew year and stuff)
second, how would it handle script based, time counters, basically something like, the piece of code below.

if such script is attached on a game object, how would, modifying, the time, through chronos effect such counter?(if i want to reverse time, game object, that has this script, would the counter in the script also be reversed?)
if not, how hard would it be to make it get reversed. 

third question, how does it fare up with things like rigid bodies, navmeshagents, animator, and Unity 2018, is it still supported? 

and the my last question is, can it reverse code of statics? like if i have a static class, with some properties, can they also be reversed? (and would it be difficult?)

sorry for lengthy message. 
and thanks for creating such cool asset. 
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Hi Motasem,

The answer to most of these questions is in the Migration Tables.

Your pasted code would look like: https://pastebin.com/vkjSd6zG

If you want more advanced "event" rewinds, e.g. for the shooting, you'd have to use Occurrences. There's a big section of the documentation on them: https://ludiq.io/chronos/api/occurence

Every built in component should still be supported in Unity 2018. Note that we do not support the 2018 Timeline / PlayableDirector.

Yes, you can rewind statics. If they're simply affected by deltaTime, use Timeline.deltaTime instead. If you need to record them, you can use a custom recorder. This is documented here: https://ludiq.io/chronos/api/recorder

I suggest going through the Tutorial to get a good overview of what Chronos can offer and how it works.