Time Loops?

nrvllrgrs 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Is it possible to create time loops with Chronos? For example, lets assume one time loop equals 60 seconds. The player presses the right-mouse button at time 10 seconds, performs a series of actions, and releases it at time 30 seconds. Then at time 70 seconds, a clone appears where the recording first began, performs the same set of actions, and then disappears at time 90 seconds. This spawning and despawning behaviour will continue every 10+(60N) and 30+(60N) seconds respectively.

If Chronos is capable of executing this behaviour, how so?

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Hi nrvllrgrs, sorry for the very late reply on this.

From what I understand, I don't think Chronos supports it out of the box. The base system for it is in place (recording snapshots of actions), but there's no convenient GUI or API to do it simply.

Basically, you'd need to copy the snapshots from one recorder to another new object (your ghost clone). Snapshots are currently hidden away in RecorderTimeline.cs as protected at lines 53 and 54. By making those public, you could potentially copy them across objects.

It's not an easy out of the box task, but Chronos would act as a good starting framework for that kind of mechanic!