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Chronos on GameObjects with rigidbody2D and boxCollider2D not reliably working

info 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 2

Hey there,

i attached a Timeline to a gameobject that also has a collider2d and rigidbody2d attached.

everything works fine if i keep the timescale at 1.0, but as soon as i change it, the path the gameobject takes through the level incl. which objects it does/does not collide with change drastically. 
any idea what this could be?

Only migration i found i had to do was to set the gravityscale of the timeline.rigidbody via script on creation of the discussed gameobject.

wished behaviour would be that the gameobject traverses exactly the same path (incl. the collisions) at all timescales of the clock.


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Dont expect a reply. I think they've abandoned this. :(

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Hi info,

I apologize for the late reply on this, we've been swamped with work in the last few months.

Chronos does attempt to preserve the exact path regardless of the time scale. Can you send us a small test project via direct message that reproduces the issue?

Also, did your workaround of GravityScale actually end up fixing the problem entirely?