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Problem with rewinding time

Will 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2


I have a strange problem. When i try to rewind time with timeScale =-1 everything is just fine. But.. when i decrease it to value like -2 something goes wrong for timelines with recording intervals smaller than 0.1f. If for example my object moves 10 meters in 10sec time when i rewind it with speed -2 it should get to the starting point but it behaves uncorrect and when times reaches 0 it's position is at half the distance. Like the timer moves with -2 speed but object itself does not.

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Hi Will,

Sorry for the late reply on this. Can you send us a small test project in private tickets that can reproduce and isolate the issue? It's hard to tell what might be going wrong without more information.


Thanks for your reply, I really don't have to send you anything because the problem exists even in your example project(2d platformer). You just have to change intervals in timeline to something like 0.05f and rewind for 10+sec with time scale -2 or -3:) It's like there is something wrong with moving from snapshot to snapshot, it's not specific to some project.