How to get objects to reappear and reverse their path

RodMath 4 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 2


I have an object (a bullet) that hits something and disappears.  When time is reversed I want to make this reappear and retrace its steps (back to the gun).  I can get the retracing steps working easily enough (by reversing time before it has disappeared) and I have used an occurrence to get the bullet to reappear - however I cannot get both to work together.

My issue is, that disabling a gameobject, then re-enabling it appears to wipe out its recorded timeline?  Thus my bullet reappears but doesn't move.  Is this the expected behaviour, and if so how can I work round it?

You can recreate in the example scene: let the cubes fall, reduce time to 0, disable and re-enable the cubes and then try and reverse time - they won't move.


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Can you try disabling the renderer / rigidbody / collider instead of the object entirely?


Hi RodMath, I'm closing this as there was no further comment from you.

Because the timeline has to remain active for the occurrences to work, I suggest disabling the components as mentioned above.

Another solution would be to place your occurrence on a manager object that always stays active, so that you can disable/enable the entire bullet game object.