Small Plants vs Zombies clone using Bolt

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So I have been told to also post my tutorials here.

I decided to try to do a really small and incomplete Plants vs Zombies clone using Bolt. So far in my tutorials you will see how you can take advantage of Super Units, make multiple flows communicate to each other and implementing features step by step.

I made it so everything is explained in a pretty long video but I also take a screenshot of the flows and I briefly try to explain what they do in a written tutorial.

I do recommend you to try to watch the videos even that they are long. They are long because I usually explain the struggles and the challenges I had in order to come up with that solution. In my opinion this is more useful then a classic "you do it like this this this this you are done!". But anyway, I hope my tutorials are useful for you in any way!

This is part 1:

In part 1 I have a light introduction to Bolt. How you can use Super Units. How you can make something follow the mouse cursor and some other early logic for our future scripts.

This is part 2:

In part 2 I talk about loading another Scene additive, making an UI-Manager, finishing the GrassTile flow, Fixing a small bug from the 1st part and more importantly we talk about State Machines!

I will post here all my updates!

And also, you might want to check my twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/gamerpet

Lately I have been streaming me working in Unity using Blot :D


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Enjoyed this, thanks for taking the time to make it ;)

Hello guys,

I consider this tutorial "Complete".



Of course that a lot of things could be improved, but this was mostly so I can see how bolt works by implementing some basic mechanics.

I plant to do a couple of really basic Bolt tutorials... like really basic with videos of maximum 10 minutes.

And today I also started to livestream a "new game". The problem with this PvZ clone was that it wasn't an actual game. So right now I'm doing a ... some kind of "Castle Defence" game. Trying to keep it small and implement some basic mechanics.

Today's livestream can be seen here:

I will see at a later date once this project get's a bit more ... "like a project" on how I will transform it into a proper tutorial.