Version 1.2.3

Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 5 months ago • updated 3 months ago 7

Ludiq.Core v.1.2.3

  • Added New Alpha and Beta systems
  • Added Screen to default types with icon (#951)
  • Added Warning for object reference order changing after undo (#692)
  • Changed Hide interface methods in AOT safe-mode (#957)
  • Fixed Human naming error on MemberInfo (#888)
  • Fixed AOT Pre-Build not including stubs from disabled game objects (#899)
  • Fixed Unity Object to interface conversion (#907)
  • Fixed Virtual method overrides not being used in IL2CPP (#872)
  • Fixed Number to string units on IL2CPP (#790)
  • Fixed Unity hierarchy conversion issue with pseudo-nulls (#953)
  • Fixed AOT Pre-Build not including stubs from uninstantiated prefabs (#973)

Ludiq.Graphs v.1.2.3

  • Refactored Canvas code to use control IDs
  • Fixed Quick window dragging causing lasso (#767)
  • Fixed Mouse issues in canvas (#1057)

Bolt.Flow v.1.2.3

  • Fixed Issues with SceneVariable singleton (#912)
  • Fixed Manual events firing on idle graphs (#937)
  • Fixed Error in scene variable value prediction from prefab graphs (#1007)
  • Fixed Typo in Create Dictionary node (#1084)
  • Fixed Manual events not firing in flow machines (#966)

Bolt.State v.1.2.3

  • Added Trigger enter / exit state events in transitions (#949)
  • Fixed Fixed Update and Late Update not firing in super states (#948)

Hi everyone! Any feedback on the v.1.2.3 Beta? Any remaining bug / error / warning? If not, I'll publish it to the store today!


Package submitted for review!

You can download it early with your invoice number here: https://ludiq.io/build/928