Adding Custom Types in bulk

MintArcade 5 months ago • updated by Andy K (Mint Arcade) 2 months ago 6 1 duplicate

Some third party API, like PlayFab in my case, comes with a bunch of custom types, that need to be added in order to access them and use.

I'm wandering - how can I do this in bulk? adding hundreds of types individually is, let's say, a painful thing to do.

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I'll add this at some point, just need to figure in which release to schedule it!

Thank you, appreciate it!


Specifying my design ideas for this:

  • There won't be a "bulk type import" dialog
  • There will be a new "Namespace Options" list, which will allow importing every type from a namespace
  • There will also be a new "Root Type Options", list, which will allow ever derived type from a specified "root" type (for example, it would include, by default, UnityEngine.Object)

This is even better. That will solve so much for everyone. Looking forward to that!