​Is it hard to make a game using BOLT?

Amvient 3 years ago updated by Silvers Hunt 3 years ago 4

Is it hard to make a game using BOLT?

I have no exp on programing, or anything related to Unity, but I am interested in this program to start making my own games.

Should I expect a long learning curve?

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It's a good start, an intro, because your not needing to learn all the symbols, and structure of the language. I started in something called GameSalad (also a visual form of coding, mostly), and really got the understanding of how games are made today, once I started programming in Unity it became much easier to know what was going on.

Plus with something like Bolt, is even if you have been programming for awhile, or even are advanced, it's still EXTREMELY useful, and fast.

Took me about a 2 weeks to a month to become fluid at it from being a programmer. Now your going to need to learn as you go with terms, and there usefulness, but it'll still be faster than programming. At this point, my programming skills are used mainly to make using Bolt enhanced, and even better. I don't really use any real scripts from before, just stuff to help my time in Bolt. 

So yes, it's great for this. There are many people who have come in and are discussing things on Discord, and getting help from others as they learn. 

It's not hard but it's not easy either. You really have to put some work on it. I suggest you go thru the project tutorials in Unity website first. Spend at least 2 to 3 days on it, then do the Bolt tutorials next. You said you don't know Unity? Then learn Unity first even just the UI, tools and components.

Thanks, I will follow up your advice Silvers. I have yet to purchase BOLD. I am waiting a bit due to money, but will get it soon.

Also thanks, Jason for the information.

Frankly speaking, you can create good games without bolt. Bolt is just one of the tools that can help to make our life easier especially if you are not comfortable in scripting stuff.

If you are really new to Unity, try to learn it first and be comfortable with the UI. There is really no shortcuts. You need to learn Unity engine. Even for just 2 to 3 days, then grab Bolt afterwards.