Using iTween from Playmaker

Elin 3 years ago updated by gamesfan 3 years ago 7

This is not a question. More like a little Tipp.
I just found out, that you can use very easy all iTween Action from Playmaker.

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Yeah, theoretically any script that works in Unity should work in Bolt.

So maybe just importing itween or DoTween and you don't even need PlayMaker


FYI, If you did not see it, Lazlo will be deeply integrating DOTween into Bolt, it is already planned.

Yes I did see that, but for Elin and others tweening can be done now for us old PM users as Elin noted.

I also look forward to it all being in Bolt

Thanks William

Ha, that was not directed at you per say, but to Elin in case she did not see it. I have been using it myself from day one.

... deeply integrating DOTween into Bolt ...

Corrected. Yes, DOTween is what I meant. 

How do you do this ? By adding a type?  So that means I can add some of the pre made Playmaker actions into bolt?