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Problem (bug?) with Unity Web Request and Wait Until Unit

Garnette 4 days ago updated 3 days ago 2

Currently having some difficulty with Wait Until in conjunction with Unity Web Request - Download Handler and recognizing 'is done'. An on button click event (checked for coroutine) kicks off the GET Unity Web Request flowing to the Send Web Request and then I have the Wait Until unit to wait until the Download Handler is done, however, it never updates to 'done'/true. I have also tried using Wait Until Response Code = 200 and tried Wait Until Progress = 1. Neither work. However, if I use Wait Delay 1 Sec I get all the values that never updated ie: Response Code = 200, Progress = 1 and the text from the Download Handler.

My concern with using the Wait 1 sec is not knowing how long any particular Player's internet connection will need to wait so, moving forward based on completion of a task (download handler finishing) would far more ideal than a bunch of wait seconds.

What am I doing wrong with the set up? Is it a bug or is there maybe an issue with it playing properly in the Unity Editor or?  See photo.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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.NET Standard 2.0
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Hi Garnette,

At a glance, it looks like your initial approach should work, it looks like a bug.

I don't have time to have a look this week but I'll check in next week's rounds of fixes.

In the mean time, you could make a macro/super unit out of your collection of wait nodes to keep your graph tidier.

Thanks Lazlo!  I appreciate it.