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InvalidCastException with Text Mesh Pro

Brian Venclovas 1 week ago updated by Hasan Al Salman (Community Manager) 1 week ago 2

Hello, i try to implement Text Mesh Pro into my Game and now i get a InvalidCastException. Heres the Error log. 

InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
(wrapper castclass) System.Object.__castclass_with_cache(object,intptr,intptr)
Bolt.Flow.FetchValue[T] (Bolt.ValueInput input, Ludiq.GraphReference reference) (at :0)
Bolt.GameObjectEventUnit`1[TArgs].UpdateTarget (Ludiq.GraphStack stack) (at :0)
Bolt.GameObjectEventUnit`1[TArgs].StartListening (Ludiq.GraphStack stack, System.Boolean updateTarget) (at :0)
Bolt.GameObjectEventUnit`1[TArgs].StartListening (Ludiq.GraphStack stack) (at :0)
Bolt.FlowGraph.StartListening (Ludiq.GraphStack stack) (at :0)
Bolt.SuperUnit.StartListening (Ludiq.GraphStack stack) (at :0)
Bolt.FlowGraph.StartListening (Ludiq.GraphStack stack) (at :0)
Bolt.XGraphEventListener.StartListening (Bolt.IGraphEventListener listener, Ludiq.GraphReference reference) (at <283965bfb0124cdb9bf5fb3cde73f1fd>:0)
Bolt.FlowMachine.OnEnable () (at :0)

Can you please help me with this.

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
.NET 3.5
Unity Bug

Hi Brian,

Sorry you're experiencing this issue and thanks for submitting a bug report. I would first recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Unity: https://ludiq.io/bolt/download/1.4.8f2

Please try this and restart Unity. Let us know if this fixes the issue, if not we will look into it further.


Hasan from Ludiq