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struct constructor constraint source

jerome latteux 3 months ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 day ago 1

I was trying to do the same thing as in this post, creating a new constraint source:

But in Bolt2 I get the following error message:

MarshalDirectiveException: Type UnityEngine.Component which is passed to unmanaged code must have StructLayout attribute.
(wrapper unknown) UnityEngine.Animations.ConstraintSource.StructureToPtr(object,intptr,bool)

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
.NET 4.x
Bolt 2
Need More Information

Hi Jerome,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the very late reply on this.

Could you please show me your graph or give me step-by-step reproduction steps?