Failed to load unit options (every time at startup)

artyrambles 3 weeks ago updated 14 hours ago 5

Hey there!

Since yesterday, every time I start Unity this error appears:

Any idea why this happens or how to fix it?

Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
2018.4.8f1 Personal
Scripting Backend:
.NET Version (API Compatibility Level):
.NET Standard 2.0

Hi artyrambles,

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue and I apologize for the late reply on this. We really appreciate you taking the time to submit a bug report.

I noticed you are using Bolt 1.4.6. We have issued many fixes since then and the newest stable version is now 1.4.7. Can please you update and let me know if that fixes your issue?


In addition to this, if there are any other warnings/errors in your console please capture them within the screenshot.

Kind regards,
Hasan from Ludiq

Hey there!

No worries. It did not stop me from using the asset, it was just an inconvenience. 

I updated to 1.4.7 today and restarted Unity a few times and the issue seems to be gone. Thank you for the tip. :)



Thanks for doing that. Happy to hear that this worked! 


Hasan from Ludiq

Hey, unfortunately it seems I spoke too soon. The issue has returned.