How to set up an API call in Bolt to reference data outside of my game

Garnette 2 months ago updated 2 weeks ago 1


I would like to be able to have the player input an activation code in my game for access.  The validation of that code would need to check an externally hosted source where I keep track of the codes.  So, I need to make a call to see if there is a match and check if on the source end the code is marked as 'valid = true'. 

I watched a video about "reflected units" and have been digging around in the fuzzy finder and unit wizard for them but, not even sure if on the right path?  I also tried to find "unity web request" in the unit wizard and not sure I found the right thing as it says 'experimental'?  Super lost...would appreciate some help finding the right units to be able to execute what I am trying to do.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

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If anyone happens by this request for help and has some insight to share...I have continued to try to figure this out (for a month.....) and believe I am on the right path but, could still use some guidance.  I THINK I need to create a super unit with the input being the string I will pull in from the TMP entry field get text unit and the output being a bool that comes from the API call return value, and I'm guessing that I have to get someone to write me a bit of code to do the call and then I can add that code in a new c# script on the game object I have the flow machine on.  And then I have to rebuild unit options and I should have a unit that does the API call that I can hook up inside the super unit.  Does this make sense or am I headed in the wrong direction?  Thanks!