Does Bolt support UNet?

Benjamin Stanley 3 years ago updated by eagleeyez 3 years ago 2


I am looking at buying Bolt but I need to know if it supports UNet and HLAPI Pro.

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Hi Benjamin! Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately Bolt doesn't support UNET / HLAPI. The way the Unity HLAPI is built requires script integration from the user (e.g. special attributes, subclasses or method names), so Bolt can't really hook into it.

From a more subjective point of view, I've also had very bad experiences trying to design multiplayer games with UNET. Photon Bolt is, by far, a superior and simpler networking solution in my opinion. In a future version, currently planned for 1.5 on the roadmap, there will be a deeper integration with networking. Unless my opinion changes, that integration will be with Photon Bolt, not UNET.

I like Photon Bolt