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Flow no longer showing during play

de.draadhaai 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 8

With the recent bolt version (i downloaded/upgraded yesterday) I find that during runtime I can no longer follow my flows visually. The flows themselves do still work, but I can't see any of my clicks, the flows and/or other visual indicators. This makes it really hard to debug. Is this a known issue?

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While being in Play mode select the object in Hierarchy you want to see the graph for, scroll down to the Flow Machine component in the Inspector and press the big "Edit Graph" button.

Thanks for the comment TowerCrow. Unfortunately that is not what I mean. I have been playing with unity and bolt for the entire evening and only in some occassions I was able to track the path of my flow.

For your idea. When I say flow I mean the boxes in your flow turning blue once they are accessed. Most of the time they remained grey when running my game, even though they did work as inteded (I verified by placing debug,log statements in the flows and these do get called).

Just to be sure: I used to have it working all the time in previous bolt/unity versions, and this random functioning is not helping with debugging. It's pretty hard to figure out what went wrong when stepping through. 


The graph will only animate if you select your object in Hierarchy, not the Project window. Are you sure you're doing that? Because my graphs animate 100% of the time if I do what I described in my previous comment. Graphs in the Project window (Assets folder) are just asset files, basically templates and won't animate. It's important you select the graph via hierarchy.

I will check this next time I'm using unity. I was pretty sure that I selected in Hierarchy. Will let you know.

Also, make sure you either double click the object the graph is on or press the "Edit Graph" button as previously mentioned. I've been using the Edit Graph button specifically with always consistent results.

Thanks. I did this already, so that is good.

I am since unable to reproduce this bug. I think @TowerCrow was correct in his findings and I must have not been in Hierarchy mode this time.

This topic can be closed as far as I'm concerned.

Not a Bug

Thanks for following up, glad everything got sorted! :)