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Graph tab reference gets lost after Unity restart

AiSard 3 weeks ago • updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 weeks ago 3

I think this was mentioned in the Discord but can't recall or find it but,
If I lock the flow/state graph, can Unity not remember it when I re-open Unity in a new session?
I currently have 4 locked graph tabs and its kind of a pain having to locate and open each of them again every day.

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Hi AiSard,

Thanks for the suggestion, I actually thought this worked already! I think my serialization process for the references is not Unity-reload friendly. Should be a fairly easy fix if it's what I think.

Hmm. Today's the first time this has worked for me (graph tabs remembering on Unity startup) in the past 2 weeks (at the very least). Haven't updated anything. So I guess this feature was already implemented but just isn't working all the time due to Unity reload shenanigans..