Where did layermask literal disappear?

K.Takashi 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 9

I am using 2.0.0.a5 in a trial. The "Layermask Literal" in the tutorial does not come out.Is there a solution? Also, is the name of the node changed to version 2 or higher?

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Bolt 2
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Hi K.Takashi,

Thanks for the report. It seems to be missing indeed.

You can try editing ValueInput.cs and adding typeof(LayerMask) in typeWithDefaultValues to enable it back. Then run the extractor again.

I'll make sure this fix is well integrated and has no side-effects in the next alpha.

Thank you Advice, Lazio.

I have followed the tutorial back to version 1.4.3f2. There is no problem here.
However, if the latest version 2 Alpha is delivered, I think I will do the test again.

Please correct the missing statement v2 alpha.

This problem still exists! 

Bolt 2 is in alpha. That means new features are prioritized over bug fixing.

I've confirmed it. This problem doesn't seem to be solved yet. It's nice to see new features added, but if traditional problems aren't fixed, they're not practical.

Revert to 1.4.4 version...


Hey all! for those using 2.0 and encounter this issue but don't want to roll back (like me)

Do what Lazlo said. It's quite simple and I'll display it here if you're confused.

Go to your unity search bar in the Project tab > Search ValueInput.cs and open that file in Visual Studio

Once in VS and the file is open, scroll down the script and add typeof(LayerMask) just after typeof(Type),

All like what Lazlo said

Once done, save the file. Close it and return to Unity and save the project.

Then go to the top toolbar, click Tools > Bolt > FullExtract

Once done, you may resume working on your project.
If you go to your graph and access the fuzzy finder, you'll be able to locate the command again! :D

I just did all of this WHILE typing this up. so i can say with confidence this process works to solve the issue.

Fixed (Unreleased)

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the very late reply on this. Finally added the missing line in the official source. Will be fixed in next version.