Will Bolt make boardgames easier??

Nico Brits2 2 months ago • updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 months ago 2

Need to find out how Bolt will handle board games. Just bought it before I puule my ponytail of!

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6 or 7 dunno

Bolt needs more Tutorials!!! I'm an artist and need all the programming help I can get - where have you ever met an artist with logic??

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Bolt is visual scripting for Unity so, if you can make a board game with C# in Unity which you can, you can do it with Bolt. Bolt itself does not inherently have anything specific in it to make a particular gene or type of game. For that I Recommend game kits. 


What William said! Bolt lets you do any genre of game, but it doesn't come with any premade template. You have to implement the logic yourself.