Platformer tutorial issue

Joel Bondoux 1 year ago updated by Elin 11 months ago 6

I have just completed chapter 2 of the Platformer tutorial.  However, after creating the SuperUnit and configured it to feed into the Jump and Animator sections of the graph suddenly I notice that when I preview I can no longer jump.  I also notice that the values and frame 'dots' are no longer animating along the graph paths and in the Variables window the Object tab is greyed out.

During the preview I can still walk and the animations are functioning, it's just jumping is not working.

I've reviewed the video again to be sure I've not made a mistake in the graph 'coding' and all seems well.

Being new to Unity and Bolt, it would not surprise me if I've clicked something that has kicked off a playback mode or something that I am not yet familiar with.

Any assistance is appreciated as I am now stuck and cannot seem to progress.


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If the graph's dots are not animating while in play mode try selecting the scene object the graph is on instead of the graph macro in the project view.

Once you can see what happens in real time, you should be able to see what goes wrong.

Thanks for your response.  Sadly I still couldn't get the graph to function.  So I deleted both the macro files.  Starting again, I noticed at first the Variables-Object tab was no longer greyed out.  After entering the first 5 graph components in the tutorial I need to create the 'Speed' variable, but the Object tab is once again greyed out.

What causes this to happen?  Is there some property or state that opens and closes access to this tab?  This seems very strange as the project is pretty much starting from scratch.

Thanks again,

Object variables are applied per object. If you select the macro graph in the Project view, the object variables tab greys out because it's not an actual game object, it's the graph macro asset file. So make sure you've selected the correct scene object the flow graph component is attached to in the Hierarchy.

The graph animations work exactly the same way. You need to select the graph via selecting the object the flow graph component is attached to in Hierarchy, and NOT in the Project view before pressing Play.

Here's a GIF: https://i.imgur.com/Yuc5ttL.mp4 In short, if you want to see object variables and graph animations, select the graph via Hierarchy, not the Project tab.

ok, that makes perfect sense.  Thank you.


At the begining of the tutorial, I can't find de "Input Get Axis" like in the tutorial. It just find another type of input get axis that doesn't work... Any ideas?


That's because Unity renamed the input system in 2019.x
You have to add atm UnityEngine.LegacyInputModule to the type setup.