Graph Tab Names

Vong 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 2

Had some ideas for the Graph Tab name, coming from someone who uses multiple Graph tabs concurrently: currently have 3 tabs for my 3 State Graphs, and one unlocked tab for debugging in Play Mode.

Currently it just tells you if its a State or Flow graph which isn't terribly useful. Instead we could pack more information in to the Graph Tab name?

  • Convey State/Flow by the icon: adding an outline to the icon for State Graphs?
  • Show the name of the current graph to distinguish them (Whether that's the name of the macro, or the title)
  • And maybe some kind of icon • or something else to differentiate between a definition and instantiated graph?

Not sure how doable, but seeing as the name already changes according to State/Flow, thought it could be more useful when you have a bunch open at the same time. The next few might be a bit more involved though, depending on how it was coded:

  • Maybe the ability to overwrite a tab's name according to the user's purpose as opposed to the specific graph it is on? So I'd name the locked tab as Map_Controller, because that'd be more useful than the name of the specific superunit I'm editting right this minute (or whether its state or flow)
  • And a way to open a new Graph Tab from the right-click drop-down of an existing Graph Tab, and dock it to the same place. The current method is a bit round-a-bout

No idea of the relative difficulty in implementing, but thought i'd give the suggestion anyways :P

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Hi AiSard,

Thanks for the suggestion. It is indeed odd that, at the very least, the tab doesn't include the graph name. I'll make sure to fix that, and I'll consider the other suggestions too!


Hey! So I decided to implement this in Alpha 5.

  • The title will indicate whether the backing serialized object of the graph (whether a macro or the scene) is dirty with the conventional * indicator, reminding you to save unsaved changes
  • Locked tabs will be surrounded with [ ]
  • The icon of the graph will reflect that of the root object, whether the game object, a prefab definition, a prefab instance, or the macro. That will make for a very clear distinction of what you're dealing with.

Video of titles: https://streamable.com/dx080

I'm also adding your other suggestion of Lock & Add Tab. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get it to open in the same tab group, because that Unity API isn't exposed. I might get back to this later with reflection, but not in this release.

Video of L&AT: https://streamable.com/i1ws2