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Upgraded to 2018.3.12f1 and Bolt_2_0_0a4 errors

Zebbi 1 week ago • updated 3 days ago 2

2 errors like this:

Assets\Ludiq\Bolt.Core\Runtime\Events\MessageListener.cs(10,3): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'ExtractAttribute' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

and about 10 like this:

Assets\Ludiq\Ludiq.Core\Editor\Interface\Textures\EditorTexture.cs(11,15): error CS0101: The namespace 'Ludiq' already contains a definition for 'EditorTexture'

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Bolt 2
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Hi Zebbi,

Can you try deleting the Ludiq folder from the previous alpha before importing the new alpha?

Thanks, that worked!