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Collapsing nodes into a Super Unit fails

Chris Smith 2 weeks ago • updated 1 week ago 5

Here is my node tree when created in a different node graph (the wires only show because of the keys I hold for my cropped screen grab):

Then After selecting it all and selecting the new collapse button and saving as a macro asset:


Bolt Version:
Unity Version:
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Bolt 2

Note: I noticed my screen grab was before I wired up the wheel controller to the grounded var but it didn't change or fix anything after I did.

[If I understand correctly what you are trying to do]

When you create a macro through a collapse, it creates an input output for you. That's why he gives an error, he does not expect you to do the work for him. Collapse is designed to break a large graph into small pieces quickly.

If you already have an input output in the nested graph, you can convert it to macro through the graph inspector. Or, if the graph is outside the nested unit, you can create an empty nested and copy-paste your units.

Yes, great point.  However, I did try doing a copy paste to a new graph last night and got the same results.

Today, based on your note I was going to erase my input and output to try the collapse again, except my node tree wasn't even saved correctly by Bolt and loaded as a single node with errors and no nodes at all inside it.

So, I think there is maybe still something "buggish" going on.

I may also add that assuming you were correct about me trying to collapse while I already have input/output nodes, I may suggest to Bolt team that there be an allowance of this behavior.  

Meaning if one already has the input and output when a collapse is requested that it see that the input/output already exists then simply moves that to a new macro instead of trying to create new input/output nodes and erroring.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the report. Can you use the graph upload tool on your parent graph (before collapsing) so I can test it myself?

Hi Lazlo,

I will need to recreate it over the weekend.  When this project was loaded the next day all of the nodes above were collapsed into an empty super unit shell with no ports.

P.S. Have had Bolt a couple of weeks now and I'm obsessed with it. Although I've coded for years, Bolt is the answer for me as the most enjoyable way to create in Unity whether you know code or not. Excited for Bolt's future progress.