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Bolt Nested Prefabs Loses Macro/Variables

Xefier Games 2 weeks ago • updated by Syver Lauritzsen 5 hours ago 6

Bolt 1.4.1

Unity 2018.3.6f1

No matter how many times I revert the nested prefab it always resets the State Machine and Variables components to default settings making it unusable.

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Under Review

Hi Xefier,

Is there any chance this is on a prefab that was created in a version of Unity before nested prefabs? If so, you would need to Reimport the prefab asset to fix the issue (see this section of the Known Issues).

This Unity Project was started in 2018.3

Something is very wrong in 2018.3, I had been working on a Macro half a day and there's nothing in the Macro at all now.

The project was started in 2018.3

Exacly same issue on our end but it's not happend only for prefabs but also for regular gameobjects. I just close and open scene and macro just gone from state/flow machine .... 

I had a Windows Update just before this happened and they've caused instability issues with Unity before, does this sound relevant to anyone else?

Other than that nothing has been updated, ported etc.

This sounds very similar to the issues I'm experiencing. +1 to this.