3rd Party Plugin issues - Better UI

Von Betelgeuse 1 week ago • updated 1 week ago 0

I'm having a problem with getting Bolt to work with Better UI

It's not allowing me to add Therabytes.BetterUi to the Assemblies although it allows me to add individual Type Options

When trying to set string values over a For Each Loop to several Better InputFields it sets the first string correctly, then throws the error:

InvalidOperationException: Missing target object for 'UnityEngine.GameObject.name'.

Even though it just accessed the target and set it, it then stops the For Each Loop from continuing and never reaches Debug "Completed"

I checked in a .cs script to see if I can do the action manually outside of Bolt and it works fine, so I'm guessing this is an Assemblies issue(?) Please help.

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.Net 4.x Equivalent