Unit Toolbox

GregV 7 months ago • updated 6 months ago 1

I generally find myself using the same sets of units commonly, things like branch, certain functions in scripts, some super units.  A dockable toolbox to set up these common units as short cuts would be really handy.  

Today I set up a workable solution to this by making a toolbox macro, and keeping it open and locked in a second window:

Reserialization breaks this setup though (graphs lose connections), so this would be a really nice built-in/officially supported feature!  

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After using this setup for another day, I have to say it's really handy.  I'm using it like a palette - laying out not only the raw units, but some common connection groups that don't really justify a macro but are used often enough.  Copy/Paste to and from it works well enough, though it would be nice to prevent drag auto-scrolling (when accidentally moving an object around).  Also, being able to context click on a macro in the project view and open a new window of it from there would be tight.