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the value.. cannot be fetched dynamically

abginner 2 weeks ago • updated 2 days ago 3

There is an error when I run, The value cannot be fetched dynamically, the value is connected to the y value of vector 3. Are there any ways to solve it? 

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Hi Abginner,

Can you paste a screenshot of your graph?


I found that I sometimes get this error when I tried to feed a variable from a Set Variable unit.   This is not a bug but comes from the fact that the Set Variable unit is sometimes not called in the flow macro.  So now I always just feed variables from Get Variable units.  I am curious why there is an output in Set Variable units at all since one can just use Get Variable to feed variables. 

In my case, I set variable first and then use Get Variable unit to feed the input of next unit to fix that error.