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Reconnecting (Missing) nodes issue

PyritSoft 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Hello everyone,

I think I found something in the alpha of Bolt 2.

At first I had a Get Variable node set to Graph. Later I changed to Flow and the wireless connections broke ("Variable doesn't exist"). But it was set before in the flow.

Anyway, I deleted the node and put a new in (picture 1). When pulling the new connection from the Get Variable node to the (Missing) node, a new proxy node will be created next to the other one (picture 2). Pulling from the (Missing) node to the Get Variable nodeworks as expected (picture 3).


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Bolt 2
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Hm, are you holding Ctrl/Cmd when dragging in Example 2? If you don't hold it, you should be able to connect them normally, without creating an additional proxy.

Yes, this only happens while holding Ctrl.

Not a Bug

In that case, it is not a bug. Holding Ctrl/Cmd is the key to tell Bolt "create a new proxy at the end of this connection". If you don't want this to happen (for example when reconnecting to an already existing proxy), just don't hold it!

Ehm... ok. It was just so unexpected, thought it's a bug. Why should I want a proxy chained to another proxy of the same type? This confused me.