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Bolt suddenly refuses to Match Graph To Selection

Bolter 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 3


I created a new project and played around a little bit. The graph in the graph window changed accordingly to the selection. When i selected object A the graph for it appeared automatically in the graph window and when i selected object B the graph for it appeared automatically. And then suddenly it stopped working. Now i have to click on "Edit Graph" everytime which is quite annoying.

If i remember right, there was i small stutter right before it stopped working.

After that i turned on the option "Clear Graph Selection" which also does not work. I guess this is related? Something seems to be broken..

Also if it helps: As i imported Bold into the project a window appeared asking me to update the API. I chose to not update.

Edit: I am using Windows 7.

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Did you perhaps accidently hit the lock button in top left of graph window? Sounds like the correct behavior of dong that. I forget I do that often enough.

Jup that's it. Thank you!