Install errors

Reality.Stop() 4 days ago 0

Discord user HyenaGames reports tons of errors in his project after the initial import:

My Bolt2 Experience so Far:
1) Install, Setup, and Extraction. All went GREAT. Way better than Bolt 1.
2) Still ended up with 2 Errors and 43 warnings in the console though upon install/import in a clean project. Unity 2018.3.0b9 and Bolt 1.2.0 Alpha 2.
3) Upon clicking Start, after install.. I created an Empty object called Test. and then added a Flow Graph to it. I changed it to Embed and BOOM. 600+ errors/null refs and the Flow Graph viewer went all gray/errored.

He sent along the attached editor log:  Bolt_2_Editor_Log_After_Install.txt

Bolt Version:
2.0 Alpha 2
Unity Version:
Unity 2018.3.0b9
.NET Version:
Bolt 2