AOT Safe Mode Filters Return Types

Personuo 2 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 5
I will use DoTween in my game.

so if my project switch ios platform, I can't found Tween and Tweener on types list

when I close AOT Safe Mode, them be found.

so this mean is I can't use DoTween in ios?

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Not a Bug

Hi Persuono! Tween and Tweener are hidden in AOT safe mode because they are abstract types and we can't guarantee our AOT stubbing will work for them. You can try using them anyway by disabling the safe mode, if you want. There are some additional tricks I could give you to make sure they work if ever you get an error.

But so far, people have been using DOTween a lot, including on AOT platforms. The trick is to add ShortcutExtensions to your custom types instead. This will give you access to DOMove and all other common shortcuts. 

FYI, we are also working on deep integration with DOTween in Bolt 2. :)

This is a Really Bug

On IOS platform, I open AOT safe mode and add ShortcutExtensisons

But I can't found DOMove on unit add list

Unable to find any function that return Tween and Tweener

Working on Fix
Oh ok, I see. It blocks the return types when filtering. That's something I could fix.
In the mean time, you can simply disable AOT safe mode.
Fixed in Next Version

Fixed for 1.4.0f12.