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Integrate Align/Distribute options around selected objects

AiSard 1 year ago updated 9 months ago 2
Mainly a suggestion about how the Align and Distribute menus are tucked away in a corner
(but I tack on a few more at the end.)

Perhaps Bolt could unobtrusively present the Align/Distribute options whenever more than one unit is selected like Grasshopper (a Rhino plugin) does it? You stay in the same region of your workspace, and clean-up as you go.

Other workflow suggestions:
- is there a reason not to implement grouping selected units using ctrl-G?
- Grasshopper has alt-drag empty space to shift all units to the left/right by the drag distance, for when you want to insert a few units in a spaghetti monster (and, just discovered, tapping alt to change that to up/down)
- ctrl-shift-leftclick(drag) on an arrow to move all those arrows somewhere else (instead of destroying all the arrows and rewiring it)
- unit snap so wires are straight?

I don't know how difficult these would be to implement (maybe for bolt 2 if so?) but they're minor UI quality-of-life improvements that promotes organizing work as you go.

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Under Review

Hi AiSard!

Thanks for the suggestions. :)

So I count 4:

  • Selection Align/Distribute Buttons: Will add to our roadmap for 2.x.
  • Group Selection Shortcut: Yes, we want something like that! Will add to roadmap for 2.0.
  • Connection Redirection (moving all port connections at once): Already on roadmap for 2.x.
  • Snapping: Already on roadmap for 2.x.

Just noticed one of the suggestions was missed (admittedly the wording is rather opaque)

Quick way to make space in a graph using alt-drag left-click. Something similar would be useful for large spaghetti code that goes on forever in a single direction. (Grasshopper) Example attached: