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Poinball 1 year ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 8

Hey, I already talked to you about it 3 month ago and I didnt see it in your roadmap. 

It would be really usefull to be able to write code that can work in the editor. Maybe a Editor Macro.

Unreal Blueprint system have it. It is called Consctruction Script. It allow us to create script for repetitive task like this : 

We could have different event that detect things that we do in the Editor. 
trigger a script with a button or a keyboard shortcup...

Thanks ! :)  

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That's actually pretty simple to implement, but my plate is full right now. 

Perhaps you could ask one of the users who make the community addons to create that custom unit?

Basically, it can be an Event unit that shows a button in its widget header, and if that button is clicked, it triggers. It would have all the same limitations as the On Draw Gizmos event (e.g. no state/instanced variables access) but it should work!

I though that it would require a new set of nodes to work in the Editor intead of at runtime .

Well thanks to put it in the roadmap :)


Nope, every Bolt node already works in the editor, it's just a matter of triggering them!


Lazlo sent out the BAC call, and Jason came out of retirement to hook you up:

It'll be in the next release!

Thanks guys! True life savers! :)

Awesome !! Thanks :D