How to use Bolt with SteamVR or VRTK?

Dave 2 years ago updated by Derek Baker 1 month ago 5

I recently picked up Bolt and am absolutely loving the way it operates and handles logic. It is an incredible visual scripting solution. However, I am having quite a difficult time getting it to cooperate with my HTC Vive via SteamVR or VRTK. 

I have managed to make a number of prototypes using Playmaker and SteamVR/VRTK, however I keep running into issues with Bolt and the Vive. I believe Bolt will be an awesome tool to use with developing VR Titles but it is proving to be a bit challenging so far. It would be really helpful to gain a fundamental understanding of connecting Bolt w the SteamVR or VRTK scripts.

In my online searches this video posted by Unity3d College is showing someone get Bolt and SteamVR working, but they are using extra scripting to make things work it seems? It would be super helpful for newcomer Bolt VR Devs if someone were able to create a video or documentation in getting this working correctly. 

Thank you for your time and best of luck in your endeavors!

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You are the best Lazlo!

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I was able to get SteamVR and OVR inputs working correctly with Bolt. What an amazing asset!


Care to share the details?

Hey, sorry for the delay. So I rewatched this video and followed it to the T and it actually ended up working well. It is necessary to create a new C# script with Custom Events that Bolt will play nice with. 

I believe Version 2 of Bolt will help integrate with these third party plugins more smoothly or possibly without code? (I thought I had read about that/if it is the same as Callbacks) Programming is not my forte but Bolt is a life saver! 

Check that video out in my OP and you should have luck~


Hi Dave! Yes, there will be a much nicer integration with C# events and delegates, even before Bolt 2! This is one of the most requested features and is currently planned for Bolt v.1.7 on the roadmap. The wrapper script is the current suggested workaround. Thank you for your patience!

Wanna share the details? Does it still work?