Trigger Audio Clip

Killian 3 years ago updated by Fasasoftware 2 years ago 1

Hi there,

I have just completed the rather excellent Bolt tutorial  and am trying to incorporate some simple audio. Specifically I want to trigger an audio clip when the player reaches the objective in the game. Ideally I would like to add a sound  for game over and one for when the player is touched by the enemy. I imagine they are all pretty similar in configuration so a solution to one will do for the rest. I can't find any documentation on audio hence the post.



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Hi Killian, i have had the same problem....in my test i have used this:

On mouse down event   and  Audio Source Play OneShot   ; this last give the possibilities to choose the sound you want in your assets....

Hope this help ...It's just a little test.. Best regards,Lestroso