How do I delete Bolt asset from a project

PeterC 3 years ago updated by tosiabunio 2 years ago 4

Really impressed with this asset, but for a legacy project I don't need it on, and which I inadvertently added it to (without ever using it), I'm trying to figure out how to remove Bolt and its artifacts.  I deleted 3 Asset folders, but I still get ReflectionTypeLoadExceptions when I restart the project.  Is there easy way to uninstall from a project?

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In v.1.2.3 and below, it's a bit more complicated because of the multiple root folders.


  • Plugins/Assemblies
  • Plugins/Ludiq.*
  • Plugins/Bolt.*
  • Editor Default Resources/Ludiq.*
  • Editor Default Resources/Ludiq.*
  • Generated/

Then restart Unity.

If you still get errors, let me know what the stack trace is!

Worked perfectly!  Thanks


Is there a script that also helps to clean the project from auto-added Bolt component?