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Create New Variable from Fuzzy Finder

Ozgur Duygu 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

Suggestion 1: A unified "Variable" unit that can both be set, get and even created on a graph. The "New Variable" command only adds the variable on the Variable Inspector and not a function that can be triggered on a graph. Once a New Variable created and its name is set, if there are no overrides, it automatically turns into a regular unified Variable unit and adds the new variable on wherever it's needed. 

This unified variable unit could be used instead of get variable or set variable units but not necessarily replaces them. the input side of the variable can be used to set it and output node can be used to get the variable at the time of requesting. This unit could benefit not having triggers as set variable can be used for the same purpose. 

This kind of design pattern could greatly improve the speed of creating graphs as well as make it look cleaner. Imagine how easy would it be to add values to a variable incrementally with this system.

Ohh also, math units could be handled more user friendly too!

Suggestion 2: Using dozens of add units and multiply units doesn't exactly help but create a cluster all across the graph. If only there was an option to connect n number of units to a math function we could get rid of most of this problem. An additional input could appear when the user drags a node into the math function and if not used could disappear. 

Also, when double clicked on an empty input, it could turn that input to a float input field so we don't need to use float literals anymore.

I love how fun and easy to make stuff work in Bolt. But I think there is still much to discover in terms of user comfort. Hope it was all clear and meaningful suggestions. 

Thank you Lazlo!  

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Interesting ideas!

I have a few more ways I'd like to explore suggestion #1 (e.g. typing the new variable name directly in the fuzzy finder instead of "new variable" literally), but I agree with the core of it.

Suggestion #2 is a bit trickier than it might seen, because units don't get redefined when they get connected/disconnected. However, there could be some other kind of setting to allow for multiple inputs (e.g. like in the Formula unit). It wouldn't make sense for all math units though I think? For example a Subtract unit? I'll have to think about it!