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S3R3C 3 years ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

Hello, i purchased Bolt couple of days ago... i am new to unity, so i thought i Will try to learn Bolt instead of c#, and i found out that Bolt is not so simple anyway ;)) are there any tutorials that shows you how to use Bolt, i did those tutorials here, and read all materials, but when i try to do something myself i get stuck here :)) i realize learning Bolt would be a lot difficult then i thought ;) 

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Besides Lazlo very good platformer- https://support.ludiq.io/forums/40-bolt-tutorials/

You will also find several user made ones here- https://support.ludiq.io/forums/5-bolt/

I also see you joined Discord so feel free to ask any questions and get help. More tutorial swill come in time Official and user made.

yes i checked those already, and created that game its nice ;) when doing from tutorials it looks easy, once youre on your own, things gets hard, as they say practice keeps you getting better ;)


You barely need tutorials for Bolt, Bolt will basically makes csharp easy. If you know a bit of Csharp, then you can use Bolt. 

I was really really bad at csharp and in code in general, but with some training I now know how to read and understand a code. Maybe you should look at the very basics csharp tutorials from unity just to know very basic functions, objects and variables (for example, what is a trigger, what is a raycast, what is a float, a bool, etc...).

Then Bolt is going to make the task of coding easier. If you know and understand a code you find with google, you can easely reproduce it and most important, modify it (I would not be able to modify a founded script on the internet just by code. It's way too abstract for me and I make synstax error all the time. I need a visual editor for that and Bolt is a really good one) 

Another advice I would give for learning faster is to check on google everytime you find something you don't know what it is in Unity. For example, you add a rigidbody to an object and want to use it, before that, look at the rigidbody api on Unity's website and look what every single option will do. It can really save a lot of time :) 

Hope it can help ! 

thanks for help, nobody was born programer ;)) so time Will show if i Will strugle or i Will abandon completley... thank you ;)