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Will Not Fix

Version conflict with Ionic.Zip.Dll

Noel Feng 12 months ago updated by Alejandro Flores Cid 1 day ago 11
Not a Bug

InvalidOperationException: Missing target object With custom script

Hazukiaoi 1 year ago updated by Diego Albor Rojas 3 days ago 4
Cannot Reproduce

ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

Skypatcher 2 years ago updated by Antonio Rojas 2 weeks ago 10

I can't open discord server with Mac Safari.

gas777 3 years ago updated by kato21 2 weeks ago 5

Making a custom editor or custom inspector using Bolt?

Natal King 3 years ago updated by Joaquin Rossi 3 weeks ago 4

First Person Controller

Martin Halldin 2 years ago updated by Muhammad Ahsan Rifki 3 weeks ago 7

GraphPointerException when continuing flow after outputting control

3d_Artist 2 years ago updated by brccabral 4 weeks ago 25

Accessing Graph Variables

Jerm 1 year ago updated by Fyodor Krasniy 4 weeks ago 4

Save System (Binary Encryption)

JasonJonesLASM 3 years ago updated by Eduard_de_Bruyn 4 weeks ago 18

Top down: Rotation look at mouse problem. How do i rotate with raycasting?

Martin Vaupell 8 months ago updated by Andrej 4 weeks ago 3

Tween Options - DOTween

aYo 3 years ago updated by André Barreto 1 month ago 58

Playmaker integration

Waveform 2 years ago updated by matt k 1 month ago 8

screen to world point position

Dalibor 3 years ago updated by MrProCreative 1 month ago 4

delete relation or connection

Ed WonWon 3 years ago updated by cdr9042 2 months ago 5