Move to Existing Group

Leonardo 4 days ago updated by Jameya 11 hours ago 1

Creating groups and moving selected objects to the created group works great now but it would be even better if you can move objects to an already existing group. 

Ideally, you would use the same hotkey as create group, but instead of just creating a brand new group, it will give you an option to either move the selected object(s) to an existing group (created with peek) or create a brand new group. This is similar to how Blender collections work.

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this is a great suggestion. it will make it easier to work on scenes with hundreds of game objects like what i am doing now. i immediately looked here to see if anyone suggested it and it is the first one on the list.

I agree that blender's collection system is a good thing to copy. such a powerful and easy way of organizing things that unity and peek currently lacks.