Move out of Assets root?

happyuturn 1 week ago updated by Lazlo Bonin (Lead Developer) 22 minutes ago 3

Hi, when I try to move the two Ludiq folders out of the root of Assets I get "Plugin 'Ludiq.PeekCore' is in a special folder that makes it compile first. This might cause issues with generated assets" and a second warning for Ludiq.Peek, 

from PluginPaths.Initialize() Assets/Plugins/Ludiq/Ludiq.PeekCore/Editor/Plugins/PluginPaths.cs:22

Then, as warned, Rider goes nuts and finds 146 errors through 14 of the Peek files.

I tried moving them into my Editor subdirectory as well as Plugins, same errors in both. I don't have this issue with any other package. Definitely don't want these in the Assets root, is there a different place I can move them?

Looking forward to adding Peek to my workflow


Unity Version:
2019.3.0f1 Personal
Peek Version:
Need More Information

Hi Happyuturn,

Sorry you're experiencing these issues.

The Ludiq folder is supposed to be movable elsewhere than the root, but "Plugins" and "Editor" folders are special folders that affect the compilation order and probably explain these errors.

However, now that we moved generated files to Ludiq.Generated, the Ludiq folder itself should in theory be able to be placed under even special folders.

Can you paste the exact errors / logs you're getting when moving the folder?


Thanks for the quick reply. I created a new subfolder and moved the Ludiq folders into it. The warnings went away. I'm getting this message now though every time I open the editor. Sometimes once, sometimes duplicated like the attachment. I see from the source code why it's happening and it seems out of your hands for now - will this affect any of the plugin and/or is there anything I can do on my end to fix this? I'm running the most recent 2019.3 beta as well, so maybe it's because of that? Happy to provide anything else to help debug



Hi Happyuturn,

As you noticed in the source comments, that's an unfortunate and frankly weird limitation of InitializeOnLoad. However, as I stated in another thread, that warning is unnecessary because we know how to recover from the situation, so I'll be removing it in the next version.

I'll also make sure the first warning you were getting is removed, since Ludiq should now accept being placed into the Plugins folder (as long as Ludiq.Generated isn't).