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Adding windows to Tab Order, doesn't work the way I had thought.

Andrew Scott 2 weeks ago updated 14 minutes ago 2

I had been looking at the documentation which says something like this.

Scene Tabs

Controls which window types show up as tabs in the scene view.

My thought was that I could add windows to this, as the Inspector Window and Adding Tags and Layers can't be done in Full Scene mode, I had thought adding this here would mean I have a shortcut to it. But it doesn't show up.

Am I wrong with this and if I am what chances could there be to add this feature?

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Under Review

Hi Andrew,

At first I thought this design would be intuitive (you get the tabs that you normally have in your layout, no more and no less), but I see that multiple people have had the same confusion as you with regards to that setting. I'll have to think about redesigning that part of the plugin.

The Inspector window is a special case that's forcibly removed from the list of tabs, because in theory with Peek you shouldn't need it. The Tags and Layers issue you had is essentially the only limitation that we found so far, but I understand why you might want to circumvent it with a tab.

All in all, I hear you about these issues, I'm just not sure what the exact redesign/fix is here yet.

Maybe a confusing, because of the way it is named I guess and the documentation has different settings.

Either way, chances of maybe adding it as a feature?