Chronos: Small discrepancies in times and positions

Schreurs, Blake A. 3 months ago • updated by Hasan Al Salman (Community Manager) 2 weeks ago 0

I’m running into this issue where identical objects at different speeds are yielding different results. Your documentation (https://ludiq.io/chronos/manual/limitations/small-discrepancies-in-times-and-positions) said that if I had any info on the topic, I should send it your way. Based on what I’m seeing, I think a bug Angular Drag might be the culprit.



At least in my case, it appears to be related to drag and angular drag: The higher these values are, the greater the discrepancy between GameObjects. Are these, perhaps, being applied to absolute velocity instead of time-corrected velocity?



Here’s the setup:

In 3D space, have two balls, one at 1x, one at increased speed (a prediction), drop from an identical height and roll onto a plane.




As one would expect, the prediction would fall faster than the actual.



But it doesn’t take long for the “actual” object to overtake the prediction… Which, considering it’s supposed to be a prediction, is pretty problematic.


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