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Hi Italo! Welcome to the community :) 

It's really not that long for me to write that section (a few hours) and it *will* be coming soon, it's just that there are many other requests and priorities in the pipeline since Bolt released very recently. 

In the mean time, you can create your own custom units directly from visual scripting by creating Super Units. More documentation on these here:

Hi Arturo, welcome to the community!

I haven't decided against including a behaviour tree system, and the Bolt architecture is fully able to be expanded for it, however it is a major new feature and I don't think it will happen anywhere in 1.X, as there are many more priorities. You could say it's at a "research" stage.

Hi Pr. Anderson Valerio, welcome to the community!

It seems like InControl is using unsafe pointers in its method signatures and Bolt is having trouble converting those. I'll look into it so that it properly skips these methods but keeps the usable ones.

You can exclude the unit database from source control to reduce the size. 

It's located at:


Do not exclude the entire generated folder because it include your application and saved variables.

Oh, maybe it's a permissions issue. I'll look into the UserEcho settings.

Hi Ed! Welcome to the community.

Yes, indeed, just right click any port to remove its associated connections. I'll make sure to add a note to the documentation.

When I get to the point in the roadmap where I rework connections, I might make them selectable and rethink how they're deleted as well so that it's more intuitive. This is also when redirection will be added.

You can upload the *.asset files directly to the forum:

I make regular backups of the forum so the links shouldn't get broken.

Seems like a regression introduced when fixing additive scene load with scene variables (#472). I'll look into it.

To be clear, they only disappear when you press play, but come back when you exit playmode?

Hi Ciara! Welcome to the community :)

I think I forgot to up the version number for v.1.0.5, which is why you don't see the update wizard, but it shouldn't be an issue because no upgrade process was required.

When you open the about window (Tools > Bolt > About), do you see v.1.0.5?

Also, does everything work correctly?