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NeedsLoomis 2 weeks ago • updated 1 week ago 5

Having trouble wrapping my head around that one in visual code!

Under Review

What do you mean by lerp? Do you want to tween between two values over a certain amount of time?

Exactly.  Something simple like 

        while(timePassed < lerpTime)
            someVariable = Mathf.Lerp(startingValue, finalValue, timePassed / lerpTime);
            timePassed += Time.DeltaTime;

Already uploaded FloatTo with a wrapper if you used DOTween which is free and excellent.  Nothing custom using my own math. I also have ColorTo and Vector3To which I haven't uploaded.

And if you are looking for speed based, it's quick to change that. There is just one node to add, SetSpeedBased. Clamp the current value if you want an integer. Something else more specific you need?

Nice, Ill check it out!